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About Me...

From the age of 17, I worked as a Graphic Designer for a major Company that produced merchandise for big names such as Disney.

During this time I gained knowledge of design and layout.

I now have 25+ years experience in graphic design and marketing fields.​ Also I have over 15 year experience in digital photography.

In the past, some of my job roles have included:

Studio photography for La-Z-Boy furniture, a designer and layout expert for several newspapers, and a major role (camera operator, photographer, designer) on a television show, that ran for 10-years.

From 2010 to 2020 I worked within the music industry in Nashville, providing services of photography, graphic design, web design and social media.


One of the people I managed social media for (I ran all accounts) now has:

10,000 Facebook fans, 6,700 Instagram followers, 3,400 Twitter followers and 18.3 million views / 54,000 subscribers on YouTube....

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John can be contacted at: photosbyjohn@hotmail.com